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Sep, 2017

Message for the Kids

"This is boring"
"Why do we always do this?"
"I want to do this instead"

Have you ever said these lines during practice? Be honest! What about reading? Have you said that about reading? What about when learning to write? Rocket math?? I know when I was young I HATED to read. I never wanted to do it. However,  my teachers made me do it. Why? Because my coach knew it gave me the best chance to succeed. Yes, I said coach.

You might be asking, "why would a coach tell you to read?" Well, let me ask you this, what is the difference between a coach and a teacher? *Parents - I am not marginalizing the role of teachers here.. just trying to prove a point* I'll wait don't worry.

Do you think your parents would be happy knowing you are talking this way to your teacher in school? So, do you think it would be OK to talk to your coach this way? Do your parents get upset when you don't give 100% in your schoolwork? What about practice?

So the next time your coach asks you to do toe touches, penguin walk/tick tocks, dribbling, ask yourself why are we doing these? Why is it important? Dribbling skills are the fundamentals of soccer. If you do not take the time to learn how to dribble, then you will never get a chance to use your other skills like shooting or passing. So take the time... practice like you mean it. Your teachers on the field want you to succeed. So do the "boring stuff" until you can do it without even thinking about it. It will make you a better soccer player!

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