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2020 Spring Registration

If you are new to North Venice Little League, welcome. This is a great place to learn more about our league and understand how we try to provide your player with an awesome and safe experience. We offer baseball programs for boys and girls age 4 to 16. All levels of players from our community are welcome, from Tee Ball to Senior Baseball. Make sure you are eligible and live within our league's boundaries by clicking here.

And if you are a returning member of NVLL, welcome back! Be sure to refresh your memory with the information on the site as things may have changed since your last visit. Now, here is everything you need to know regarding registration!

In-Person Registration

If you are have not registered to play at NVLL before (or would like to say hello to our wonderful Player Agent, Kathy Vigil, in person), we ask that you register at one of our in-person registration sessions. You will need to provide your child's original birth certificate (we will give it back, we promise) along with payment. We only accept cash and credit cards. Checks are not accepted.

Online Registration

Online registration will open on November 16, 2019. Only returning players may register online on the NVLL website. If you would like to register online, have your credit card ready and begin the registration process by logging on to the website. Then go to your account, and click the Register Now button. For detailed instructions, click here.

Early Registration

We strongly encourage you to register early to guarantee your child's spot, as our league has filled up completely the last several seasons. We anticipate that our league will fill to capacity even earlier this year. Please know that registration will close once we reach the maximum number of players we are allowed to roster.

Registration Fees

NVLL is a non-profit organization, and depends upon the registration fees to provide an exemplary experience to our players and their families alike. The fees help fund the upkeep of our fields and facility, and the operational costs associated with the services that we provide. We only accept personal checks and credit cards.




Tee Ball


















Please note that our refund policy is as follows: 

- Refunds may be granted prior to January 31, 2020. A $25 administration fee applies. 
- Refunds will not be granted after January 31, 2020. 

Division Placement

Our number one priority is the safety of our players, followed closely by our desire to provide them with a memorable and fun experience. Please note that MOST players will be required to be evaluated so that the league can adequately assign them to the level commensurate with their ability. We provide a brief summary of our divisions below, and you may also familiarize yourself with the official Little League level of play guidelines here.

A player may request to be placed on a specific team, with a certain coach, or with another player(s) in the Tee Ball, 5-Pitch, Farm and Softball Divisions. These requests must be made in person at registration. Emailed requests will not be honored. Due to the generally high volume of such requests, we are not able to guarantee that all requests will be honored. For the Minor division and older, placement requests are not permitted as all players are subject to NVLL’s regular draft process to determine league level and team affiliation.

Skill Evaluations

The skill evaluations will be held (dates and times TBD). All players ages 7 and older must be evaluated prior to being placed on teams, and all players must be registered to participate in the evaluations.

  • New Farm-eligible 7- and 8-year-olds
  • 8-year-olds interested in playing Minors baseball
  • 9- through 12-year-olds interested in playing Minors or Majors baseball
  • PLEASE NOTE- There are no evaluations necessary for T-Ball, 5-Pitch, or RETURNING Farm players. Teams in these divisions will be formed by the respective division coordinators, managers, and Player Agent, and players' families will be contacted in mid-February by their manager

Please remember to check your player's league age here. There is no need for T-Ball or 5-Pitch players to go through the evaluation process. Our player agent and division coordinator will put those teams together. NVLL Junior Baseball Evaluations will be held on (date TBD).

Snack Shack Support

If you’ve never eaten at the NVLL Snack Shack, you are in for a treat. North Venice Little League has the best Snack Shack in Little League baseball, and it runs on the volunteerism of our community. In order for the Snack Shack to be the best that it can be we need your help!

You can either volunteer at the Snack Shack for two shifts over the course of the season (info to follow prior to Opening Day). Alternately, you may buy out your Snack Bar obligation for $125.00 at the time of registration!


In order to continue the development of our players, North Venice needs managers, coaches, and team representatives to take on the tasks of organizing, coordinating, and managing our teams. If you are interested in serving in one of these capacities, please let us know when you register. You will also need to complete a Little League Volunteer Application, which must be turned in prior to beginning working with our players. You will not be allowed to volunteer without completing this form.

Baseball and Softball Divisions

Below is a quick reference guide for all levels NVLL offers. This is meant to give you a rough guideline of what to expect from each division.

Tee Ball:
$125 Registration Fee | Eligible Ages – league age 5
First-time players.Introduction to Baseball. Softer Ball. Batted off a Tee. No Score is Kept.All players in the field. Tee Ball is an integral part of learning baseball. Includes take home uniform shirt, socks & hat. 15 Games, 1 Game / 1 Practice per week

$200 Registration Fee | Eligible Ages - league age 5, 6 & 7
Coach Pitch. Softer ball. Rules introduced. Batter gets 5 pitches to hit the ball, if the batter does not hit the ball in those 5 pitches, the batter gets to hit off the Tee. Outs are not recorded. Includes take home uniform shirt, socks & hat. 15 games, 1 to 2 games per week, 1practice per week

$275 Registration Fee | Eligible Ages - league age 7, 8 & 9
At least ½ season Machine Pitch, up to ½ season Kids Pitching,Softer ball eventually converting to Hard Ball, Outs Recorded, Strikeouts. Includes take home uniform shirt, socks & hat. 20 Games, 1 to 2 Games per week,1practice per week

$275 Registration Fee | Eligible Ages – Qualified league age 7 & 8, league age 9, 10 & 11
Draft Determines Child’s Team, 100% Kid Pitching, Score is kept. 20 to 26 Games, 2 Games per week,1practice per week

$275 Registration Fee | Eligible Ages – Qualified league age 9 & 10, league age 11 & 12
Draft Determines Child’s Team, 100% Kids Pitching, Score and Standings are Kept. 20 to 26 Games, 2 Games per week, 1 to 2 practice(s) per week

$275 Registration Fee | Eligible Ages – league age 13 & 14
90 foot bases, 60’6” Pitching, Score & Standings Kept. 30 Games, 2 Games per week,2practices per week

Important Forms


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North Venice Little League

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North Venice Little League

3321 Grand View Blvd 
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Email: [email protected]
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