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Working your shift at the Snack Shack

The snack bar is one of the only forms of revenue for the league, and we depend on the support of our parents to keep the league running. Like many leagues in the area, we collect a deposit check from each player's family for $125. That check is not deposited UNLESS the family does not work their two shifts during the season (see below). If you would prefer to not work your shift you can buy out both their snack bar shifts at the beginning of the season for $125.00.  Please help the Manager by having your check ready at your first meeting/practice as your team will not receive their uniforms until all checks are collected.  

How It Works:

Each team has a week they are given to work their Snack Bar shifts.  Click Here For This Year's Schedule (COMING SOON).  

Please click here for the Snack Bar Fact Facts sheet. 

All snack bar forms need to be turned in prior to Opening Day.  Please keep a copy for yourself.   It is also good to send out an e-mail to reminder your parents of their times. Once the snack bar form is turned in changes cannot be made 

Every child registered (2) snack bar shifts.   (These are the only required volunteer hours at NVLL.)  If you have 2 children then you are required to work four (4) shifts. There are several ways to work your snack bar shifts.   FYI – Children cannot be in the snack bar while you work.     


1) You can sign up and work the shift:

2) You can find someone to work your shift.  (MUST be 16 years or older)  They must be willing to work the entire shift and understand that they will be:  picking up trash, doing dishes, making cheese fries, making burgers, getting soda, taking orders, going around to the fields and making announcements about last call or helping out with 50/50 raffles, and of course helping with the other staff clean up at the end of the shift.

3) The only exception to the age limit.   If you have a 15-year-old son or daughter they can work the shift with you however a parent must also be working that same shift.

4) You can pay someone to work your shift.  (You can find a list in the snack bar if you do not know anyone.)

5) If you do not complete your shifts, your snack bar check will be deposited.

 While working your shift:

1) Check in when you arrive, as you want to get credit for your shifts.

2) Check out when you leave, as you want to get credit for your shifts. (If you leave early you will not get credit for your shift.)

3) Arrive on time. The snack bar manager has to assign stations and explain the job. 

4) If you do not show up for your shift your deposit check will be cashed. 

5) If you do not sign up for your shifts your deposit check will be cashed.

6) Please dress appropriately as you do not want to ruin your clothes and make sure your hair is pulled back.

North Venice Little League is based on volunteers, no one is paid, it takes all of us to make this league successful.  Thank you in advance for your support and look forward to seeing all of you up at the field.

Thank you!  

Contact the Snack Shack: [email protected]

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North Venice Little League

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